It's Party Time!

Cajuns sure love their traditions. Eating is certainly one of ‘em.

One of the traditional favorite Cajun pastimes is making an old-fashioned crawfish boil. When the sacred "mud bugs" or "crawdads” are tossed into a pot for cooking, excitement fills the air.

And what better way to experience Cajun food than at a festival? Any time, every time, every day is festival time in Cajun Country and The Singing Crab loves festival time. Towns and villages throughout the village celebrate every single season with a saucy blend of music, food, and tradition. Most Cajun festivals down south feature live music of all sorts, contests, native crafts and food and, of course, dancing.

We feature live music at The Singing Crab every single day for your entertainment pleasure. If you play the fiddle, accordion, or triangle you can jump onstage and join in the Cajun celebration. The little buckaroos can some perform on stage as well, we love the kiddies at The Singing Crab.

Everyday is a big ol’ sloppy, messy, Cajun party here at The Singing Crab. Come boogie with us!

Feel free to call us any time to find out which bands are performing at The Singing Crab. We will update this space with a calendar listing of bands real soon. Y’all come back now, ya hear?