The Singing Crab

Cajun Bayou Restaurant

Arriba! There’s always a fiesta at The Singing Crab—The best Cajun food Louisiana has to offer! Heavy on the spices, The Singing Crab has the absolute best that Cajun has to offer.

If you have a weakness for boiled seafood, sweet corn, shrimp and have a craving for crabs and anything spicy, than swing on by The Singing Crab. Pull up a bench, strap on your lobster bib, and dig into our award-winning Cajun dishes full of herbs and spices. Yum!

What’s Cajun Food?

Cajuns—Fun-loving Acadians from Nova Scotia who settled in the south in the 19th century—are known for their pleasure-lovin’ nature and joy of living. They like excitement in life, and food is no exception. When they settled in the south, they created their own...

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