Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday)

Don’t y’all even think about comin’ down to Louisiana without hitting up Mardi Gras. Ya heard that, right?

We here at The Singing Crab love Mardi Gras so much we act like every day is Mardi Gras!

During the REAL Mardi Gras we serve yummy gumbo that will make your mouth water with longing. We also encourage our patrons to partake in the world-famous medieval tradition of wearing colorful masks and beads during Mardi Gras while listening to traditional Cajun music all day and night long. Trust me—we here at The Singing Crab know how to host a party.

During Mardi Gras, even the staff of The Singing Crab will perform a show for patrons. All of our beers are just $1.00 during Mardi Gras and we even have roosters and other livestock walking around the place to entertain you. You got that right—but you can’t eat ‘em, okay?

During Mardi Gras, we at The Singing Crab offer special discounts on meals that pertain to bayou life. Come share a family-style meal of crawfish, rice, cotton. Boudin, andouille, yams, and chicken during your time celebrating Mardi Gras. We guarantee you’ll enjoy yourself so much at The Singing Crab you won’t eat at any other place else during Mardi Gras. We’re just THAT finger-lickin’ good. It’s no wonder we get so many repeat customers and regulars.

Celebrate the good times at The Singing Crab.

Rock n’ Roll, Louisiana, Rock n’ Roll.