Our Restaurant

Lookin’ for a family style setting with lots of noise, lots of fried foods and lots of fun? (And you thought YOUR family was loud...) Well, then you’re in luck—The Singing Crab is a casual family restaurant with no need for formalities. There’s never a dull moment inside The Singing Crab.

Our wooden tables are draped with newspapers and old magazine pages, our bibs are made to get messy with Cajun spices (If you think you can be a neat Cajun food eater, well, you just crazy!), and every guest is given a wooden mallet—if they order crabs legs or not. You’re encouraged to bang the mallet against the table, or really, what would be the point of it? (Oh…to break crab legs. That too)

We here at The Singing Crab pride ourselves on serving you nothing but the best boudin, shrimp, blue crabs, stone crab claws, and crawfish. We cook it, you eat it. It’s that simple.
We also embrace our crawfish pride! You can cook crustaceans in more ways than one. Crawfish can be served up in gumbo, bisque, jambalaya, étouffée, pies or even in patties. When the Cajuns aren't eating crawfish, they munch on other famous Louisiana cuisine, such as oysters, shrimp, boudin, pralines, gumbo, and red beans and rice.

A tasty gulf tradition, The Singing Crab is a local favorite for Cajun Bayou foods. If our spicy, dicey foods don’t make your mouth water, than our collection of beer will. In fact, we carry so many beers our servers just gave up trying to memorize all of ‘em. How’s that for fun?

Adapting some Tex/Mex food into our menu, we also serve tasty Mini Chimichangas, Chicken Taquitos, and Rancheros.

Enjoy the best that Louisiana has to offer. We're located two blocks west of the main interstate. See y’all real soon!