Beatrice's Salon

"Allow your inner beauty to truly shine through" Ð Beatrice O

Is there a real Beatrice behind the Beatrice Spa and Beauty Salon? Yes. In 2003, native
New Yorker Beatrice Odessa was seeking a career change. Growing weary from working
long hours as a pharmaceutical consultant and medical sales representative, she decided
to tap into her strong interest in the spa and beauty world. The daughter of a chemist and
a cosmetics saleswoman, Beatrice was already familiar with the enchanting world of

Encouraged by her friends and family, Beatrice quit her job and traveled the world from Europe to the Middle East to Australia, learning about new body treatments and asking women and men of all ages what they looked for in a luxury spa. Truly listening to what people said about body treatments, and taking their words into consideration, Beatrice knew that opening a spa was indeed her life's mission.

Always a people-person and always looking for ways to make others feel good both on the inside and the outside, Beatrice wanted to create an ideal spa experience for the people she met on her beauty journey around the globe. Along the way, she became a licensed esthetician and massage therapist.

Working with a team of positive investors who believed in Beatrice and her mission to open a spa, the Beatrice Spa and Beauty Salon officially opened its doors in September 2005.

Since its inception, clients from all over the world have come in for treatments and leave very satisfied. Beatrice is very proud to say that word-of-mouth is the most common way her clients find their way to the Beatrice Spa and Beauty Salon. No client is treated better than another everyone who comes in, whether it's for just a pedicure or an entire spa experience is treated with respect and given the best, most personalized treatment.

Currently, there is just one Beatrice Spa and Beauty Salon, located in New York City.
Encouraged by her clients, Beatrice plans to open other locations in Greenwich, CT and
Miami, FL within the next two years.

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